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PROMPT Personal is a computer translator that automatically translates your texts from and into different languages. It allows you to grasp the general meaning of a text in a language that you do not know while at the same time it saves you from the trouble of searching the words in dictionaries.

The tool provides two modes for the actual text translation: you can type or paste the text you want PROMPT Personal to translate or you can import a text document from your computer. It supports the most common text file formats, such as MS Word, PDF, TXT, and even HTML that can be translated by accessing the "Translation" section.

The "Prompt Translator Lite" section is also dedicated to a text translation, but it allows you to access more advanced settings. You can use this section if you wish the tool to use a certain dictionary from the provided list, when you want to define the font of your text or when you wish the tool to translate your text as you type.

By default, the tool provides a number of dictionaries that contain the general lexicon of the languages it supports but you can always add your own specialized dictionaries to enhance the accuracy and quality of your translations.

To sum up, PROMPT Personal is a tool that can be used by both professional translators and common users, offering the support they need to understand a text in a foreign language that they don't know very well or that they don't know at all. Providing instant translation services, the tool can also be of great help for those who wish to chat with foreigners whose language they don't speak.

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  • Advanced translating options available.
  • The possibility to import specialized dictionaries.
  • It supports different file formats.


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